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Old Doorway

Rendered with Maya and MentalRay, a mix of painted and procedural shaders. MentalRay Physical Sun and Sky.

Scene features displacement maps, and a linear workflow. Post produced in Nuke. Stock model


My Current Demo Reel.

QuickTime Version. 64.2Mb h.256 .mov

Ferrari 250s

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and  1964 Ferrari 250 GTO

Project rendered with Maya and MentalRay. Mix of procedural and painted shaders. The shaders feature single sided projection maps, the MIP RaySwitch Advanced shader, and many layers.

The scene was light and rendered using a custom created studio HDR, nativeIBL and Unified Sampling. Each car was referenced in to the final studio environment. Full linear workflow.

Post production was done in nuke, some colour work, depth of field and motion blur.

Stock Models.

Tube Amps.

Maya and MentalRay, practical lights, all procedural shaders, and a linear workflow.

Stock Model.

Bonsai Azalea.

Mix of practical and HDR lighting solution, displacement maps, maya fur and MentalRay shaders.

Stock model.

HTC Phone.

Modeled with Modo, Rendered with XSI, composited and post produced in Nuke.

Fiat 500 Abarth SS

Rendered with Maya and MentalRay, lighting with a HDR and a practical sun.

Composted and post produced in Nuke.

Stock Model.

Train station.

Rendered and textured in Modo. Some post production in nuke.

Stock Model.

Snazzy Apartment.

Rendered with Maya and MentalRay, painted and procedural shaders. HDR and practical lighting.

Post in Nuke.

Stock model.

XYZ Door assets

Studio job for XYZ Graphics in San Francisco.

I helped create light rigs, shaders and textures. Additionally i trouble shot scenes and did some QA and photoshop fixes on the project.

Final page is here.

San Francisco Bay Bridge Timelapse.

In use for a PBS | Frontline documentary about the Bay Area.

Shot with a Canon 5d MK2 and compiled with Nuke.